Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY: T-Shirt Scarf

Today was a boring lazy Saturday, the best day to get into some DIY projects.
I have a HUGE scarf obsession, especially lightweight ones for the spring/ summer time.
So I decided to look around on the internet for some ideas 
and I decided to try and make a super stylish yet easy to make sewing needed!

Step 1: Gather materials
All you need is a t-shirt, old or new, and a pair of scissors.
Since I treasure my plain t-shirts, and like to buy nicer ones, I decided to run to Forever 21 and pick up a simple and inexpensive one- only $4.80!

Step 2: Cut the bottom of the shirt off. Cut a straight line right under the armpit of the sleeve.

Step 3: Cut parallel lines into the bottom of the shirt. 
I cut mine a little less that half way up the shirt. The higher you cut, the longer the fringe. 

Step 4: Lightly pull each slice to give the fringe have a curled look.

And now your finished! Enjoy!
-xoxo Kaiyla


  1. that's a cool scarf, how'd you learn to do that?

    1. Thank you! I saw it on Pintrist, that site is full of amazing ideas!